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Thinking Skills/games
Interactive Logic Puzzles


try this easy grid logic puzzle and then challenge yourself with more!

neo k12

fun thinking games!

Puzzle Baron Drop Quotes and others

Link to drop quotes plus links rto many other games by Buzzle Barron

KenKen math puzzles

Fun math thinking puzzles
4th grade

Jr. High

5th Grade

3rd Grade

6th grade

Personality Quizzes
Introvert or Extrovert?

Left or right brained

Take this online quiz to see if your or "right brained', "left-brained", or use both halves equally!

Are you a genuine introvert?

Personality quiz

What is your soul animal

Wiki Spaces
Lights 4 Wikispace

Lights 5/6

Lights 3

Career Exploration
Kids Work!

Explore careers in the community:  hospitals, theater, Television station.

CIA Kids Zone

Explore careers in the Central Intelligence Agency

Human Sciences Careers


Explore Areospace Engineering Careers

Find info about various careers based on your interests and strengths!

Career Spotlight videos

Watch short videos that describe various careers

Interest Assessment

Take this quick assessment to see what careers fit you!

Career exploration guides

Lots of resources and links to explore a huge variety of careers

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Career One stop

Videos about careers organized by career clusters

Science Olympiad Resources
Helpful links for various events

Write It do it Practice

A few good resources

Very good resource site with many links

Short description of each event

Most Helpful Link!

Excellent resources by event

Good links for practice quizzes

another great page of links!

Weather info site

2018 ESO details

site lists events in the competition with a description and possible resources you can use to prepare.

2018 ESO Events

Event descriptions, rules, scoring, etc

Food For Thought

resource links for events

weather or not

weather resources

Science Olympiad Quizlet

Lots of flashcard sets for various events

In Bloom

In Bloom

Analogies practice
Analogy fun

Graph Making
Create a Graph!

Endangered Animals
Save our Animals

Use this link as a starting point for your research about an endangered species

fact sheets on endangered animals

Ducksters Endangered Animals

Wikipedia Endangered Animals

Great website to research specific animals

Zoo Atlanta


Learn about the 6 basic nutrients!

Vitamins and Minerals

Gives simple info about specific vitamins and mnerals

Nutrition Cafe

Nutrition games, etc

Kids Health, Staying Healthy

Lots of food/nutrition information for kids

Nutrient Tool

Learn about nutrients with this interactive tool

Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies info

All About Vitamin and Minerals

Good resource for deficiency info and food sources

Language Arts Activities
Storybird 6th grade

fun way to creat books using art for inspiration

Remind Links
3rd Grade

Link for parents to access announcements via texts

4th grade Remind

5th grade link

6th grade link

Jr. High Link

flip grid Lights 6

flip grid lights 5

flipgrid Jr. High Lights

Spy Academy
How attentive are you?

Common sense

How good are your eyes

Math Olympiad Practice
Middle School Practice set 1